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Advertisement Hype


  Please do not believe the hype, Un-like all the others, we encourage our potential and future clients to visit other stores & dealers and then apply the 3L rule:

  The 3 L’s … Look at other buyers, Listen to their offer, Politely Leave, then bring your GOLD, SILVER, COINS, STERLING SILVER, and FINE JEWLERY to SMETHPORT!

  All dealers are in this business to make a profit; to find fair reputable dealers takes a great deal of work and knowledge. There are FAR MORE unethical buyers out there who are going to take advantage of the young, elderly and inexperienced clients.  If you have checked around and have obtained an offer, do not sell, bring your items to Smethport.  The offer you receive here at McKean County E-Sales will be fair, honest and considerably higher than 98% of all other offers. 

  Hopefully, you will be happy with your experience here and recommend us to your friends.  Our goal here at McKean County E-Sales is VERY simple. I was trained by one of the most knowledgeable, honest, reputable dealers in the country, he reminded me often, ”The goal is to make a few Dollars off Thousands of Customers, in order to remain in this business a long time!”  Too many dealers operate in reverse, they attempt to make Thousands of Dollars off of a few customers.  We plan on being around a long time.  Give us a call!

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