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Learn About Us!

    McKean County E-Sales will soon be celebrating our 25th year of business, located on Main Street Smethport, Pa.   . . .  However before I get in to the  "About Us Page",  I would like to say that without the support of my wife Jackie, and the sacrifices of my children Brandi, Jon-Marc, Taylor, Drew, Katie, Quinn and all of the help from many many VERY good friends none of this would be possible.

    We purchased the Historical Lindgren's Variety Store located at 311 West Main Street.  For many years we hoped this location would serve as the last relocation of our business, and on April 7th 2012  Mr. Harold Lindgren made it all possible.

    Our present location serves as our 6,000 sq. ft. retail store which has grown over the years.  Our extensive inventory includes something for everyone.  We are a well stocked in quality Antiques and Collectibles, Gold Bars, Silver Bars, Coins … We also carry Modern Items, Vintage Items, Cars, Trucks, Boats, New and Used Items.  McKean County E-Sales is a Federal & State Licensed Firearms dealer.  We are a stocking dealer of NEW Remington, Winchester, Marlin, Glock, Ruger, Browning, Savage and most all other manufactures. We stock over 550 NEW and USED firearms.

    1998 was the beginning of a new era, our EBAY Internet Business was born.  It took the help of many and the patience of many more to get us heading in to this new line of business…it ONLY took me 8 days to list our first item on EBAY.  We now have a complete Ebay Listing and Shipping Center.  Our Ebay operation is currently listing 500 to 1000 items per month.

    2007 was the beginning of a new and exciting aspect of our business, I sold a small amount of gold and silver to a large dealer, the gentleman on the other side of the counter spent endless hours over the next 2-3 years educating me in the business of coins and precious metals, and reminding me often the most important part of this business is Honesty & Integrity.  He stated many have tried to make it in this business, those who failed all made the same mistake…they took advantage of clients lack of knowledge, and stretched the profit margins beyond acceptable levels.  My mentor continually stated on numerous occasions;  The key to success in the coin and precious metal business is to make a little bit of profit off of 1000's of customers . . . NOT large profit margins off of a few customers, huge profits from lack of honesty & integrity will make this adventure very short lived!  We are now heading in to our 10 year of dealing in Coins, Scrap Gold, Sterling Silver, Diamonds and Jewelry … I want to Thank Dempsey & Baxter Rare Coins & Precious Metals from Erie PA,  without their knowledge, patience and countless hours of educating myself, McKean County E-Sales would not be where it is today.  Thank You Jack , Jamie, Chris.

    We SPECIALIZE in Tag Sales, Estate Sales, Complete Buy Outs, Auctions and Business Liquidations.  If you are looking for information on selling an item or collection, we can assist in the sale of the items or purchase directly from you.

    If you are looking for an appraisal of value, McKean County E-Sales can help meet your needs. We have written appraisals for Estates, Divorces, Individuals, Attorneys, Banks, Trust Officers , on Firearms, Classic Cars, Jewelry, Rare Coins, Farm Equipment, Currency, and many Antiquities

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